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Our Menu


6.59Mozzarella Sticks

5 cheese sticks, lightly battered & fried golden. Served with marinara.

12.49Peel & Eat Shrimp

1/2lb of seasoned steamed shrimp, and cocktail sauce

7.99Buffalo Chicken Dip

Pulled chicken breast, blended with cheese, buffalo sauce and spices. Served with tortilla chips.

6.59Fried Pickles

Choose our breaded spears OR our zesty battered fries. Served with ranch dressing

9.49NEW! Crab Dip

Creamy Crab dip served hot and bubbly with ciabatta bread points.

8.99Macho Nachos

Crispy tortilla chips smothered with lettuce, tomato, spicy cheese, and seasoned ground beef. Served with salsa, sour cream, and peppers.
Substitute Chicken - 9.99

5.99Onion Rings

Thick cut, beer battered onion rings.

6.59Loaded Fries

Fresh cut fries topped with tomato, onion, and bacon, drowned with cheese sauce. Served with ranch.

7.99NEW! Caprese Salad

Juicy, red tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette.

8.59Buffalo Chicken Pretzel

Our giant soft pretzel topped with homemade buffalo dip and pepper jack cheese, baked on a tortilla shell.

4.59Soft Pretzel

Homemade soft pretzel.
Add Cheese Sauce - 4.99

6.59Chicken Tenders

Crispy breaded chicken strips with our home made BBQ sauce.
Dipped in your favorite wing sauce with celery and blue cheese - 7.29

6.59BACK! Pepper Rings

Battered banana peppers fried golden and crispy, served with ranch dressing.

10.491lb. Steamed Clams

Littleneck clams swimming in broth, with drawn butter & grilled ciabatta.

6.59Screamin' Spuds

Fresh cut fries seasoned with zippy Cajun, covered in our house screamer sauce and melted cheddar cheese.

3.99Funnel Fries

Slightly less messy than your average Fair fare, these funnel cake fries are dusted with powdered sugar.

8.59NEW! Calamari Rings

Battered Calamari fried to golden perfection, served with cocktail sauce.


ADD: Grilled OR Crispy Chicken - 2.99 | Steak - 4.99 | Shrimp - 3.99 | Salmon - 4.99 | Bacon - 1.49

4.99Garden Toss

Crispy greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and hardboiled egg.

6.49Garden Deluxe

Greens topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, egg, mozzarella, and croutons.

6.99Caesar Salad

Crispy romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese and

9.49House Favorite! Cranberry Pecan Chicken

Fresh greens with grilled chicken, dried cranberries, pecans, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes

Soup & Salad Combo

Queen portion (cup soup & side salad) - 4.99
King portion (bowl soup & garden toss) - 7.99


Soup Of The Day

Cup - 2.99 | Bowl - 3.99

Specialty Soup

Cup - 3.99 | Bowl - 4.99

4.99French Onion Soup

Crock with melty cheese


Extra cheese | Onions | Green peppers | Mushrooms - .99
Pepperoni - .99 | Bacon - 1.49

Cheese Pizza

Small - 5.99 | Large - 7.99


Served with celery and bleu cheese or ranch.

Hot | Mild | Teriyaki | BBQ | Suicide | Sweet Fire | Butter Garlic | Hot BBQ | Old Bay (wet/dry) | Dry Glenn Burn | Dry Ranch | Habanero Mango

Small cup of sauce/dressing - .65
Large cup of sauce/dressing - .99
Extra Celery - .99
Celery plate with Bleu Cheese or Ranch - 2.29

6.296 Wings

9.5012 Wings

16.9924 Wings


1/2lb. - 8.99 | 1lb. - 16.99

35.9950 Wings

69.99100 Wings


(6oz fresh, hand-pressed burger, served on a fresh Kaiser with chips and pickles.)
Add fresh cut fries - 1.99


Cooked to temperature, no toppings.


American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

8.99NEW! Surf & Turf

With Wayside’s own creamy Crab dip, lettuce and tomato.


Our Specialty!
Topped with onion, pepper jack cheese, & our “screamer” sauce.


Seasoned and topped with lettuce, tomato, beer battered onion ring, and bleu cheese.

8.59Steak & Cheese

Jack cheese, onion ring, and drizzled with A1 Steak Sauce.

8.39Mushroom & Swiss

Topped with mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese.

8.99NEW! Bada Bing

Smothered with Sharp Provolone, and topped with our Italian specialty meats, mayo, and roasted red pepper.

9.99Giant Hyno Burger

2 quarter pound burgers stacked high. Topped with Cooper cheese, onion rings, bacon and our slow simmered BBQ sauce.

8.99NEW! Caprese Burger

Caprese Burger – Topped with fresh mozzarella and basil, and plump red tomato, and our Balsamic mayo.


Served with chips and pickles.
Add fresh cut fries for 1.99

7.99Chicken Wrap

Crispy OR grilled chicken wrapped up with lettuce, tomato, and pepper jack cheese.

8.59Beef, Cheddar, & Bacon Wrap

Thin sliced beef with bacon crumbles and warm cheddar cheese in our garlic herb wrap.

8.59Shrimp Caesar

Grilled shrimp with romaine, croutons, and parmesan, served with Caesar dressing on the side.

6.59Veggie Wrap

Lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, mushroom, peppers, and olives. Served with ranch.

Specialty Sandwiches

Served with chips and pickles.
Add fresh cut fries for 1.99

11.49Tenderloin Sandwich

Our famous 6oz hand-trimmed tenderloin served on a Kaiser roll.

9.99NEW! Caprese Club

The Perfect Summer sandwich! Crisp bacon on a ciabatta roll with red tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, and our Balsamic mayo. Truly a Wayside favorite!

9.99Smothered Prime Rib

Thin sliced prime rib smothered with mushrooms and provolone, with Dijon horsey sauce on our soft Kaiser roll.

9.99NEW! Mangia Hoagie

A fresh Amaroso stuffed with imported Italian sopressata, capicola, genoa salami, ham and Sharp Provolone, mayo, oil, lettuce, tomato, onion, red peppers, and hoagie spread.


Served with chips and pickles.
Add fresh cut fries for 1.99

8.59French Dip Beef

A heaping portion of thinly sliced beef on a toasted roll with provolone cheese.

8.29Blackened Salmon Pita

Moist, flaky salmon blackened and served in a soft pita with lettuce and tomato.

7.99Whale of a Fish

Extra-large breaded fish portion with lettuce & tartar sauce served on a toasted Amaroso roll.

9.99"CPR" Cajun Prime Rib

Tender prime rib, chargrilled with Cajun seasoning on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and tangy horsey sauce.

7.99Western Chicken

Breaded chicken filet covered in BBQ sauce and topped with Cooper and bacon.

7.59All American Chicken

Grilled OR crispy chicken with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.


All platters include choice of 2 sides.

Sides: Side salad, French fries, Apple sauce, Coleslaw, Seasoned Broccoli, Veg of the day, mashed or baked potato, or a cup of the soup of the day

10.49Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

Tender roast beef, piled on top of sliced bread, and smothered in homemade gravy.

11.99Batter Dipped Fish

A large beer-battered fish filet, deep fried golden brown.

10.99Jumbo Shrimp

Ten jumbo home-style breaded shrimp served with cocktail sauce.

16.99Black Diamond Steak

Tender, marinated 8oz flat-iron. Customer Favorite!!

10.49Chicken Tenders

Deep fried, breaded chicken tenderloins.

11.99Grilled Chicken Breast

Two fresh grilled breasts.
*Add your favorite wing sauce!

Featured Sides

Fresh Cut Fries

Plain - 2.99 | Old Bay - 3.49 | Gravy - 3.49 | Cheese - 3.99



3.49Beer Battered Fries

A mountain of Brew City fries, golden brown and crispy.


NEW! Add toppings of your choice!
Extra cheese | Onions | Green peppers | Mushrooms - .99 each
Chicken - 1.59 | Shrimp - 2.29 | Bacon - 1.49

8.39NEW! B.L.T.

Crispy Bacon with tomato, mayonnaise, and mozzarella, and topped with fresh lettuce.


A meat-lovers blend of ground beef, bacon, and pepperoni with sauce and mozzarella.

8.99NEW! Fisherman’s Delight

Plump shrimp with our house made Crab dip, smothered with mozzarella.


Seasoned beef with salsa, tomato, onion, and cheese.

8.99NEW! Mama Mia

Our specialty Italian meats with tomato, onion, and roasted peppers, drizzled with oil, and topped with Sharp Provolone.

6.99Garlic Parmesan

Garlic and butter topped with Italian cheeses, and served with marinara to dip.



Free refills

2.29Diet Pepsi

Free refills

2.29Root Beer

Free refills

2.29Sierra Mist

Free refills

2.29Mt. Dew

Free refills

2.29Cherry Pepsi

Free refills

2.29Ginger Ale

Free refills

2.29Diet Mist

Free refills


Free refills

2.29Sweetened Iced Tea

Free refills

2.29Unsweet Iced Tea

Free refills

2.29Cranberry Juice

Free refills

2.29Orange Juice

Free refills

2.29Raspberry Tea

Free refills


Free refills

2.29Chocolate Milk

Free refills


1.85Hot Tea

1.85Hot Cocoa

Kid's Menu


Smaller portions for the little ones! (10 Years & Under)
Kid's drink included.

4.99Chicken Tenders

2 breaded chicken tenders with fries.

4.99Mac N' Cheese

Yummy macaroni and cheese.

4.99Hot Dog Sliders

Two Mini Hot Dogs on buns, served with chips and pickles

4.99Cheeseburger Sliders

2 cheeseburger sliders, served with chips.

5.99NEW! Cheese Pizza

Gooey cheese pizza

Thank you for considering Masser's Catering Inc. to host your upcoming affair. We are here to help make your special affair a memorable one.

**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

**No individual checks for parties of 8 or more. Gratuity not included. Thank You!!